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Parti Puppy playing


Feel you are ready to have one of our puppies join your family?

Please fill out our application and we will contact you as soon as we are able. Make sure to not leave any fields blank and looking forward to talking to you!

  • Our puppies are raised on a combination of Puppy Culture and Empowered Breeder Curriculum.

  • We start our little ones on ENS and ESI from day 3-18 puppy permitting.

  • Followed from day 21 by daily handling steps all the way until they go home. This includes introducing grooming tools and handling techniques. Such as clippers, combs and an electric toothbrush to simulate the vibration of being cut with clippers. Ears, face, tail and toes are touched and played with gently daily. Since poodles have a lifelong need for grooming we feel it immensely important to desensitize early and often. Full baths and blow drying is also on the schedule.

  • We heavily socialize and expose the pups to as much as we can do safely here in and around the house and the farm. Puppies go on expedition walks once 6 weeks old and get to explore outside while safely supervised.

  • At 8 weeks the vet gives them a check over and vaccinates. They are microchipped with lifetime enrollment.

  • Temperament testing also happens. We follow the Empowered Breeder method. Making all the results public so new families understand the strengths and areas that need extra attention in their puppy. 

  • Finally after reviewing applications and a mandatory phone call families are invited to match with their puppies having all the information we can give them availble to them. As well as all the help needed to make the right decision. 

  • We stand behind our puppies unconditionally and send them home with 30 days of health insurance. When the unthinkable happens because life is unpredictable. We will always take any of our puppies produced back at any age. No questions asked. And will find a new family and great fit for them or keep them here forever. For our puppies are selectively produced to enrich peoples lives.

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